UMAP currently comprises 35 countries/territories with over 570 participating universities. Since UMAP has a broad network in the Asia-Pacific region, there are various unique programs offered by its members. By joining UMAP, students and faculty in your university/institution will be eligible to apply for those exchange programs.


You can easily join UMAP by taking the following procedures:

1. Please check whether your country/territory is eligible for UMAP membership. Contact the UMAP National Secretariat (UMAP NS) responsible for your country or territory and request for their endorsement. If your country/territory does not have UMAP NS, please contact the UMAP International Secretariat.

(Note: Only accredited institutions of higher learning from UMAP member countries/regions are eligible to participate in UMAP Student Exchange Programs. If your country/territory is not a UMAP member, please contact the UMAP International Secretariat)

2. If your institution is eligible to join UMAP, you will sign the “Pledge of Agreement”, and send it to UMAP IS.

(*Universities are expected to sign the Pledge of Agreement with UMAP International Secretariat (IS) in advance, demonstrating that they accept the principles of the UMAP exchange program concerning obligations of home and host universities, etc.)

3. Once the “Pledge of Agreement” is confirmed by UMAP IS, your institution becomes a UMAP member!

Responsibilities of UMAP members

The following are the responsibilities of UMAP members:
Each UMAP affiliated university has to serve as a Home and Host University.
The roles of a Home and Host University are as follows:

Home universities

  1. Select participating students and staff.
  2. Approve the study programs, including any necessary language training, to be undertaken by participating students and staff.
  3. Determine the level of financial support to be given to participating students and staff.
  4. Provide appropriate preparatory courses for their students and staff prior to their departure.
  5. Recognize work completed overseas by accepting credits using the UCTS.

Host universities

  1. Provide the agreed study programs for participating students and staff.
  2. Evaluate the performance of participants and provide transcripts to home universities.
  3. Provide appropriate orientation and other support services to participants.
  4. Assist students and staff in securing appropriate accommodations at a reasonable cost.
  5. Ensure that appropriate healthcare arrangements are made for participating students and staff.

Participation in UMAP Exchange Programs

After you have successfully become a member of UMAP, an additional requirement must be followed in order to participate in Program A&B:

Please offer your program by sending your institution’s “Outline of Proposal” during the ‘Call for Proposals’ period. UMAP International Secretariat will issue a call for programs to member universities by making an announcement through the website news and via email. Please fill in the form and send it to UMAP IS in order to be able to send outbound students.

*Note: Only universities listed in the Program A/B page are applicable for accepting outbound exchange students from your institution.*


Frequently Asked Questions

For more inquiries, please refer to the FAQ page or leave us a message at the Contact us page.