thumbnail of UMAP Discovery Camp 2018 Leaflet

For students who would like to participate in the 2018 Summer Program

1.) Please carefully read and fill in the application form:

2.) Prepare the following document files: (1) Copy of Passport, (2) 250-word Statement of Purpose, (3) English Language Proficiency Test Score, (4)Letter of Nomination from Home University

3.) After submitting the application form, please send the 4 above-mentioned files to “

*Please note that the application for Summer Program 2018 was ended.

Eligibility for the 2018 Summer Program

1.) Must be students of UMAP full member universities/institutions  (Countries/territories that are eligible for application include Bangladesh, Brunei, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Republic of Korea, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam; For Thailand, only students from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok University, and KMUTT are eligible to apply)

2.) Ages preferably between 18-23 years old, as of April 1, 2018

3.) English Proficiency scores for non-native English-speaking applicants (IELTS: overall score of 5.0// TOEFL: overall score of 61 iBT/ 173 CBT/ 500 PBT// TOEIC: overall Score of 650 or Other English Proficiency Test which is equivalent to the test mentioned above)

4.) Submission of 250-word statement of purpose, together with a letter of nomination from a home university.

5.) Must be willing to partake in and contribute to all lectures and activities of the UMAP Discovery Camp 2018.

6.) Be physically fit to travel and able to engage in all activities such as walking and bike-riding

7.) Must obtain a permit to enter Thailand as stated in the following website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, , if required.

8.) Must be responsible for own expenses for travel arrangements to Thailand, travel and medical insurance.

For UMAP coordinators who have students that would like to apply for the Summer Program

Please note:

1. Students must complete the 2018 Summer Program Application Form and prepare their Copy of Passport, 250-word Statement of Purpose, and English Language Proficiency Test Score.

2. Once UMAP home university coordinators receive requests from students, they will go over the documents to check the students’ eligibility and select which students to nominate for the summer program.

3. Coordinators are then responsible for providing the ‘Letter of Nomination’ for their chosen eligible students.

4. Please send the ‘Letter of Nomination’ to the selected students in order for them to submit to <> along with the three previously prepared documents